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4 min readJan 4, 2022

It has been an incredible start to the Yung Ape Squad journey and we wanted to take this moment to embrace where we are as a community, show appreciation and provide updates.

In this article, we will outline the events that lead up to the launch, the milestones that followed the main event, our buzzing community and our roadmap.

Stealth Launch

Let’s start with addressing the elephant in the room: Coming into the project we were well aware of the number of Ape derivatives out there. Some might wonder “Why did it not stop us?”. The answer is pretty simple: We never classified ourselves as just a derivative. The team worked extremely hard to pixel perfect every detail, outline a roadmap, an execution strategy, a marketing strategy to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the herd. We believed that hard work and dedication will be appreciated by the space.

That is why Yung Ape Squad mint was a total stealth launch event by design. No macro influencer campaigns. No shills. No huge pre-filled whitelists. The stealth launch was the representation of our philosophy.

The initial response was immense. We sold out in less than 12 hours. Reached +2,800 individual owners with a fair distribution while avoiding any gas war. It was a win-win event for everyone involved.

What happened after was another level.

Avalanche of Interest

Thousands of Yung Apes flooded the open markets and took over.

During the first 12 hours, Yung Ape Squad was the number one trending collection on Icy Tools, separating itself from the competition.

Within 24 hours, we racked up +580ETH in trading volume, taking over the number three spot within new collections on OpenSea.

Currently, in 7-Day trading volume rankings, we are sitting together with successful heavy hitters such as Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult, Decentraland, Adidas Originals, CyberKongz and many more. Yung Ape Squad has exceeded +1400ETH in trading volume. We have only been around for 5 days.

Multiple sales above 3ETH ($11.155,92) were one of the highlights of the first few hours. In one of those sales, we witnessed the community pulling together to track the seller at the request of the buyer to work out a deal. This speaks volumes to how tightly knitted and supportive our community is. At the moment we have +3,200 unique holders and this is a perfect segway to the most important section of the article.

Yung Ape Squad Community and Its Growth

Yung Ape Squad community has been absolutely incredible. Experiencing the vibrant conversations, the comradery, the genuine interest, the willingness to contribute in any possible way have been a truly humbling moment.

Currently, the Yung Ape Squad Discord channel has +6000 active members in it and every one of them is special to us. The Yung Ape Squad Twitter exceeded +6500 followers and we did not have to shill this project to any pump and dump accounts. This community is thriving through organic growth.

Here, we would like to give a shout-out to a couple of big supporters that joined the community organically, played a critical role, and will continue to do so. Many thanks to Franklin, BenJammin, King Black Bored, CryptoVonDoom, Rachel Wolchin, ShrewdCharlie, and many more. We would rather have a shortlist of the right people rather than a long list of macro, shill-focused influencers. This will continue to be our focus moving forward. Everyone here is appreciated.

What’s Next?

Here we will take a high-level walk-through of the current roadmap. Please note that each of these milestones will be accompanied by its Medium article, detailing every single one of them.

The first milestone in our roadmap is the Yung Ape DAO. Yung Ape DAO will be deployed on the mainnet with a Gnosis Safe multisig to provide full transparency to the treasury of the DAO and Snapshot integration for the community to create and vote on proposals. Refraining from giving an exact date, this will be up and running fairly soon, accompanied by its article with explanations.

The tokenomics and staking mechanisms will focus on a design that provides a maximum return to the Yung Apes community. We do not want to just deploy an industry-standard staking mechanism and a token, this does not differentiate us. Our tokenomics architecture will focus on creating positive feedback loops within the Yung Ape Economy which will distance us from the rest.

Following the deployment of the Yung Ape DAO, activation of the staking mechanism the tokenomics, the team will focus on the development of Yung Ape game.

There will be many more to look forward to throughout these milestones such as community calls, Twitter spaces with guests, events and they will all be announced promptly.

2022 and Beyond!

Going into the new year, we are extremely blessed to have our community’s support. With their vote of confidence, there is no doubt that 2022 will be a huge year for the Yung Ape Squad with a lot to look forward to.

Stay tuned with us by following us on Twitter and joining our Discord. For inquiries, you can reach out to Yakob.

We are wishing everyone a happy new year!



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